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© 2019 by al.fergani

hi there :)

I am K, aka al.fergani. Cultural producer and community arts curator by day, I am a passionate doodler any other time. I have loved doodling from as young as I remember myself,  but only started doing it "seriously" a couple of years ago.


Since then I don't miss any opportunity to doodle on any surface and for any kind of a project. Books and journals, shoes and clothes, cars and bikes, surf- and skate-boards, people's faces, their backyards and garages, train stations and cafe windows,... are in my "portfolio" so far! :-P  

More than anything, I love discovering this world in its beautiful diversity by immersing myself in different cultures and traditions during my travels. My doodles are greatly inspired by such explorations and discoveries - I am captivated by traditional patterns and sacred symbols from all over the world, and all of that echoes in my storytelling projects and public art designs. I love telling stories of far away places through the beauty and elegance of their cultural heritage, as much as I love beautifying those places I visit. 

My style is rather very simple (it is doodling after all!), I really love simple lines and minimum colors. My forever favourites always will be simple black, white and red - I find them so simple, yet so powerful.

I am open to public and personal, commercial and non-for-profit projects, and especially love projects that support social causes, celebrate diversity, promote inclusiveness and collaboration, educate, uplift, empower, or at least make someone's life more joyful and fun :)

I really like meaningful collaborations and making new friends through creative work. If you have an idea in mind, just hit me a message in WhatsApp +1- 647 - 9868817 or email me at fargonalik@gmail.com. 

Look forward to connecting with you!

Hugs :)


For new stories, fun stuff, giveaways and virtual hugs: 

 FAQ :)

What are you up to?

I am working on making my "I AM FROM UZBEKISTAN" story into a book :) It is a wholly new challenge and I am loving it! 

Did you go to an arts school?

No ;( I wasted my time on getting degrees in International Economic Relations and Public Administration instead...

Where are you based?

Out of my travel backpack! At this very moment though I spend most of the time in Ottawa, Canada. But thanks to the power of world wide web, I am open to projects worldwide ;)

Are you doing it full-time?

Mmm...  definitely full-time loving it! But no, only thing I do full-time now is being a mommy. All the rest counts as hobby, at most :-D

What does al.fergani mean?

It literally means "from Fergana" - my hometown :)